Our services

We contribute the knowledge gained over years of experience in the business to add value and offer the best service and profitability possible.

Market Studies

Conducting market studies, selecting strategic assets and assessing risk in real estate investment.

Real State Assets

Acquiring real estate assets in order to add value and boost profitability.

Rehabilitation Projects

Rehabilitation projects in line with demand, covering:
Physical state / Rental status / Legal and technical management.

Exploiting and developing

Exploiting and developing buildings in the short, middle and long term.

Property Porfolio

Selective rotation of property portfolio.


Portfolio of real estate assets with positive assessment from experts in the sector

Latest news

The most important, current information and proposals regarding the real estate sector, quality management, QUONIA’s areas of activity and business model.


You do not know Quonia ?

Quonia, a real estate investment fund devoted to the responsible selection, acquisition and management of real estate assets, is a young company that benefits from the extensive experience of its team in the property business. Set up as an REIT, the company has obtained the authorisations necessary to go public on the MAB.

Its corporate philosophy focuses on detecting strategic properties that respond to the needs of top economic sectors in its geographic area of investment. By implementing a responsible plan, the company adds value to the properties. The projects, with controlled risk, offer good long-term profitability, with a solid portfolio of core products. This is what the company’s slogan is based on, which can be summed up as protecting and contributing value to the investment.

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