Quonia emphasized the need of making investing easier for the new shareholders, specially foreign investors.

The socimi took advantage of the event to claim the need that all the socimis should act as a collective association.

Quonia, the socimi that started being listed in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAB) in July 2016, took part in the XIVth Edition of the Forum for the Small and Medium Sized Business Capitalization (MEDCAP)¸which took place from the 29th to the 31st May at the Stock Market Palace of Madrid.

During the celebration of the event, Eduard Mercader, Quonia’s General Manager, took part of private meetings and a debate panel about getting to know the socimis as an alternative when looking for investments, also got involved in networking activities with other companies. Quonia put the focus on the fact that tenants who rent a real estate are getting more and more demanding, they do prefer having the better condition of client not a mere occupier, and they demand apartments that respond to their new needs of technology, security and sensibility for the energy savings and the environment. According to Mercader, “the link client-supplier will replace the classic connection tenant-landlord, which in some cases are tense”.

Quonia en el Foro Medcap

During the closing act of the MEDCAP Forum, Quonia was part of a round table discussion which got together three other Spanish’ Socimis: Témpore Properties, Optimum III and Grupo Ortiz Properties. They defended the socimis as an alternative of real estate investment, happening to meet the need of an association whose goals may be a better communication and the promotion of the socimis as well as the fact of accompanying those during the legal development that are still in a starting point. They also talked about the lack of analysts that could make reports about the socimis. In words of Mercader, “there is a need of explaining the socimis as an open investment vehicle, so there could not be any ‘stigma’ as to mistaking them for sicavs”.

“Today socimis’ growth is limited to adding more monetary resources, but in the near future, if they can earn more cash flow, they would be able to grow through adding more real estate assets”, warned Eduard Mercader. Socimis do control the 3% of the rental market in Spain, but they do require the enter of national investors and foreign advisers that ease earning more cash-flow.

Foro MedCap 2018 MAB

The MEDCAP Forum is one of the biggest events and a referring point for the European investors, which in the lasts years has managed to become into a main event in the agenda of them as well as for the small and medium-sized businesses that do trade in Spain.