The real estate market, specially the one dedicated to housing, closed 2017 with profits and good health. Years after the crisis, 2017 ended with a good stage for its recovery and with a clear sign of a growing in the area. Will it continue in 2018?

The first predictions for the beginning of 2018 were great, and as long as the year goes by through the first months of the year, they have turn out true. The real estate market goes into a winning year, with an important increase of forecasts regarding the houses to sell, far away from a new wave of a real estate bubble.

Through the first quarter of the year, the housing price has experienced an increase of 2%  in comparison with the same period of the previous year, and with an increase of 7% compared to last quarter of 2017. This evolution of the real estate market is in direct connection with the restitution of the trust in the building industry, as well as with an optimistic view from the stakeholders.

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The truth of the real estate market and the houses to sell

Everything points out that 2018 will be the year where the houses to sell are going to be the next big thing. After the last predictions, for the first time since 2016, this kind of assets will gain the main positions into the real estate market. Numbers for 2017 did already mark this growing tendency. Between the months of January and September, a total amount of 31.290 new houses were sold, a 10.4% more than in 2016. For 2018 the real estate experts are already talking about, at least, of an increasing of 4.7% of the housing prices. The selling of houses will still go up to a 18.3% if take in mind the riskier forecasts. Even with all of that, there is still a long road ahead.

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Investing in housing market

2018 has started with an increase in the price of housing, after three months of a steadiness by the end of last year. The tendency in all of 2018 will still be investing in housing market after the buying of other real estate assets, like offices, has already gone by. It is important to point out that January did close with a huge increase in the selling of plots, which is the reason why we can know intuitively what will be pointing out in the real estate market this 2018.

When we are talking about the strategic areas on the map for the recovery of housing investments, Catalonia and Madrid will be the key pieces of the Spanish real estate, according to CBRE’s data. Spain has been chosen as the best South-Europa area to invest, so much this year as the following one. As The Financial Times points out, Catalonia does have the potential, the assets, the performance and a key connectivity place needed to do business. In the ranking, following Catalonia, we find Madrid, Lombardy (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey) and Lisbon (Portugal), in this specific order.