This last April, Quonia made the formal presentation of the results of the 2017 fiscal year, as well as the management reports and an independent audit. Last year closed with a financial net debt of €25.7 million, an LTV (ratio loan-value) of 31% and own funds for a total value of €31 million.

From its beginning, the management team of Quonia developed an strategy of investing in assets in prime locations, where there are companies that do develop different kind of economical activities: turism, housing and retail.

Following this pattern, Quonia has set aside a third of their invests, focusing in purchasing this kind of assets, when taking in mind expand their properties.

Value of Quonia’s assets

According to the latest appraisal of Quonia’s assets, carried out by Ernst & Young, the company has set itself to grow over a 49% the value of their assets since the foundation in 2014.

Quonia’s properties have experienced an appreciation in value for €28 million, over the €57 million inverted in maintenance and alteration works, in addition to the buying of more real estate.

Latest maintentance works of Quonia’s assets

In 2017, Quonia completed the maintenance works of the real state at Balmes Street #45 in Barcelona, as well as the ones carried out in the asset at the maritime neighborhood of Barcelona, placed at Passeig Joan de Borbó #60, and the building in San Vicente Street #4, in Seville.

With the effective date of the lease of these new assets in the real state properties of Quonia, its income has increased over a 115%, which makes it easy to forecast an annual income of approximately €2,8 million in 2018.

What can Quonia expect from 2018?

In 2018 Quonia will continue to expand its properties buying new assets, after a year of management and economical establisment of the assets acquired between 2014 and 2016.

During the next early months, Quonia will continue growing after closing a capital increase. In addition, between the 29th and the 31th of May, Quonia will be one of the guest companies at the “Discovery Meetings” which will take place during the MEDCAP2018 Forum, at the Palacio de la Bolsa in Madrid.