Keeping in line with its corporate policy, Quonia, a Catalan listed company for investment in the real estate market, took another step forward to increase the value of its real estate portfolio. As a result of negotiations with the current tenants, two of the company’s premises in C/ Balmes, and the addition of a new tenant in the premises at Passeig Joan de Borbó 60, the value of the property has considerably increased. The operation has increased the rental income from the three premises by 360%, which had previously provided a monthly income of €16,000. However, beginning now, Quonia will obtain an aggregated income of up to €65,000 a month.

Two of the properties that were object of this operation are located at number 164-166 and number 45 of C/ Balmes, whose ground floor premises are now occupied by two typical Meditarranean restaurants, La Flauta and L’Olivé. The added value Quonia has provided to both properties has led to a renegotiation of the lease agreements, which have finally been renewed for another 20 years.

Besides renewing both lease agreements, Quonia has entered into a new agreement with another group that is also dedicated to the restaurant business. Said group has over 20 years experience in the sector and is well-known around the city, thanks to its numerous establishments. Once the necessary work has finished in a few months’ time, the business will open its doors in the premises located at Passeig Joan de Borbó 60. This operation has been supervised by the real estate agency, Laborde Marcet.